Our Mission
Preserve. Protect. Participate.
Preserve. Protect. Participate.
Reduce waste. Eliminate toxic products. Share and support advocacy for greener lifestyles.
We believe in action with intention.
All In One Housekeeping advocates for the use of non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting products.
We include advice and methods for reducing waste within your lifestyle, and also how you can become involved in local community incentives for a cleaner environment.
Preserve. Protect. Participate.

Our motto describes our principles. Yes, we are a cleaning company, but we also have a vision. As a responsible business owner and member of the community, I base my business's long-term success on being a part of the overall picture of ecological health for Mendocino County and beyond.

The growing number of advocated and effective lifestyle principles supporting non-toxic and zero waste living are creating supportive communities of people who are changing their behaviors and habits for the long-term benefit of home and natural environments. right here in our local area!


We invite Mendocino County (and beyond!) to embrace green living, zero-waste, and eco-awareness as a lifestyle. To keep our homes toxin-free. To keep our land beautiful and healthy. To take actions towards the good for our children and the planet.


  Preserve. Protect. Participate. A motto worth standing by!







Meeting the needs of humanity while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems,

Planning and acting for the ability to maintain resources for future generations.

The branch of ecology and evolutionary biology that deals with the preservation and management of biodiversity and

natural resources.

Letter from the owner- 

Thank you for taking the time to consider our message about making greener choices.

We are fortunate to be living in a community with many touchstones guiding the way to tactile lifestyle changes, as well as supporters of 'just taking baby steps' towards better choices. 

No matter where you're starting from, believe that we must accept our ecological responsibilities and keep moving forward.

Lea Stedman  -Owner/Operator 

Please consider a change towards cleaner and safer lifestyle alternatives. like using non-toxic products, buying less plastic, and participating with community organizations that are advocating for sustainability and other progressive actions.

Thank you for your consideration.